Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taylor & Kanye : )

"Even the President is talking about Kanye West. Did you hear about this? In an off the record remark recorded by ABC, Obama said that Kanye West was a quote, unquote, 'jackass.' In even bigger news, ABC doesn't understand the meaning of the phrase 'quote, unquote, off the record.'...

"Kanye was pretty hurt when he heard the President called him a 'jackass.' But then Joe Biden said, 'Ah, you get used to it.'"
-- Jimmy Fallon, Late Night

"Of course, you know President Obama yesterday created quite a stir, because he apparently called Kanye West a jackass. Yeah, well, some people are now upset with President Obama for calling Kanye a jackass. They're upset about it. Yeah, and Joe Biden is furious, because 'Jackass' is his Secret Service code name.'"
-- Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show

"Joe Wilson is now the only United States congressman to be formally rebuked for speaking out while the President was giving an address. That could explain his Secret Service codename, 'Kanye.'"
-- Jimmy Fallon, Late Night

"Well, here's a story that won't go away. Congressman Joe Wilson has refused Democrats' demand to apologize to Congress on the House floor, to which Kanye West said, 'I'll do it. That's okay, I'll do it.''
-- Jay Leno, The Jay Leno Show

"This Kanye West/Taylor Swift thing... even former President Bush spoke out about it today. He said, 'Kanye West doesn't care about white people!'...

"Been a busy week for President Obama. I notice that he's having Kanye West and Taylor Swift to the White House for a 'root beer summit' this weekend. See, she's only 19. So, it's got to be root beer."
-- Jay Leno, The Jay Leno Show

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