Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Forgetting Who Is In Charge

"It is a measure of just how politically tone deaf the Obama team has become that they choose to attack ordinary Americans rather than absorb the message being sent. They have become so used to the echo chamber of their fellow liberals and the mainstream media (I repeat myself) that they still seem unaware of the vast gulf between themselves and citizens motivated enough to turn out in record numbers to express their concerns. . . . [President Obama] persists in decrying 'misinformation' -- implying that voters are dim and have been duped by nefarious forces. It is a politically dangerous place for a president to be -- defaming voters and ignoring their pleas. It is one thing to go to war with the opposition party but quite another to go to war with voters. In his hubris, Obama has forgotten who is in charge."

-- Jennifer Rubin, writing on the health care town halls at Commentary magazine

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