Monday, March 8, 2010

Never Trust A Mormon With A Wet Bar In His Home

"Mitt Romney still hasn't entirely decided whether to take the pragmatist or the crusader path if he runs in 2012. Primarily, [Romney's new book] presents Romney as a pragmatist. . . . Private-school vouchers, a perennial conservative priority, are mostly 'politically infeasible,' he writes. Likewise, the conservative call to carve out private accounts from Social Security; instead, Romney backs voluntary 'add-on' accounts more like those that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama proposed. He complains that Republicans are 'overly fond' of bashing federal regulation. Someone may have to pass Thomas Donohue, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce domo, smelling salts after that. . . . Although he squirms and hedges, he concludes that climate change is real and is affected by human activity. He praises federal energy regulation for squeezing more efficiency from cars and home appliances. And Romney says that increased domestic production, although worthwhile, wouldn't 'appreciably' reduce our dependence on foreign oil."

-- Ronald Brownstein, National Journal

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