Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is It Us? Or Him?

"The President is attempting to claim credit for [health care] savings that (a) do not yet exist, (b) are not backed up by any specific changes in industry practices or government policies, and (c) are related to him only in that the groups announced they were adopting his quantitative goal. For all three of these reasons, the President's claim that these savings will materialize is wildly unrealistic, and it is absurd to attach a per-family savings number to it. This is like the Mayor claiming credit for the 40 additional wins now, and telling fans that he will be responsible for the team winning the pennant. No one should take these claims seriously."

-- Economist Keith Hennessey, on President Obama's announcement that he had partnered with health care companies to find $2 trillion in medical savings over the next decade

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