Monday, April 20, 2009

Holman Jenkins on the Fresh Prince of DC

"Why did we elect President Obama? Because we wanted to see him in the Oval Office. We wanted to see him wearing the trappings of the presidency, to revel in his choice presidential dog and presidential swing set, to make us feel good about ourselves when he's fawned upon by foreigners.

"Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson correctly fingered what's been wrong, however, with Mr. Obama's policy agenda ever since he became a serious risk for the nomination: It's been nothing more than a boilerplate, unanalytical distillation of standard Democratic talking points of the sort you might receive from a first-year DNC intern -- 'as though [Mr. Obama] were some conventionally liberal backbench senator suddenly thrust into immense influence. Which, of course, he is.'

"It's going to be a long four years if Mr. Obama doesn't develop some convictions about something beyond his own specialness."

-- Holman W. Jenkins Jr., Wall Street Journal

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