Saturday, March 14, 2009

I like Lieberman because he is that rarest of finds: a deeply honest and honorable man in Washington DC. He's a person of real conviction and the courage to go along with it. I do not agree with many of his legislative positions, especially concerning domestic policy, but I believe that like few of his colleagues he cares about this country more than he cares about his own career, and has the perspective and the depth to understand the threats facing America today and our strategic interests in the world.

Iran is a difficult question. It's a nation with an amazing history and a proud and highly educated people. From everything I've read, there might not be a foreign population in the world that is more admiring of the liberties and economic mobility that has been America's hallmark throughout history. Right now, however, their government is dominated by religious extremists who openly follow a centuries-old tradition of jihad, suicide attack, inquisition, and international aggression. Lieberman may have personal reasons to support the idea of the nation-state of Israel, but he certainly appreciates our need for trustworthy allies in as crucial a part of the globe as the Middle East. And he recognizes the threat that a nuclear-armed Iran would present not just to Israel, but to the United States. Who benefits from instability, war, and interruption of world energy supplies from the Middle East? Russia does, more than anyone. I trust Lieberman to think these things through.

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